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Wine of Slovenian Primorje 8
The westernmost wine-growing region of Slovenia, historically associated with the Italian region of Friuli. Hot summers and the influence of the Adriatic and the Alps at the same time allow to produce the powerful and aromatic wines.
Key varieties: Refosco (Refosk), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malvasia. 
Wine of Slovenian Podravje 6
The northernmost region, located on the border with Austria, has a continental climate that is conducive to the production of fine, light and refreshing white wines with crisp acidity.
Key varieties: Welshriesling (Vlassky Ryzlink), Furmint (Sipon), Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Blaufrankish (Frankovka modra).
Red wines 5
Red wines are wines made from red grape varieties, produced using a technique that uses the skins of the berries and ensures that the anthocyanins pass from them into the must to be prepared. Red wines are rich in tannins and therefore have spicy primary flavors. There are about 4,500 varieties of red wine in the world.
White wines 9
White wine is a wine made from both white and red or rosé grapes under fermentation conditions in the absence of grape skins. It is the absence of the skin that determines the light hue - the juice of the pulp of the vast majority of grape varieties is almost colorless. White wines are produced by centrifugation or natural sedimentation of musts with careful temperature control and periodic must cooling.