Traditional wines from private and family-owned wineries in Southern Europe with good ratio of value ​​and price

About company

Under the Vina Olwega brand, the Czech company Olwega s.r.o. produces wines from private wineries of the South-West Balkans and South Moravia and presents them to the markets of Eastern Europe, former USSR and South-East Asia.

The history of Vina Olwega brand began 10 years ago, when two entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic, united not only by joint business, but also by a love of wine, organized a project to supply of Slovenian wines into Czech market. The development of the project was the idea of contract production of wines at private wineries in the Czech Moravia and The Southwest Balkans under the common umbrella brand Vina Olwega.

Initially, the Vina Olwega brand brought together several local producers following the centuries-old winemaking tradition in the southwest of the Balkan Peninsula. Their wines from popular international, regional and interesting autochthon varieties are leaders in value and price ratio in their regions. Company Olwega has complemented the experience and skills of winemakers with its expertise in logistics and marketing.

Contract winemaking in the business-scheme of Vina Olwega company is positioning of wines from wine regions poorly represented in the trade networks, as also careful selection of varieties and control over the process of wine production, in which the company assumes all the risks associated with a possible negative reaction of the market to a new product. The company's own brand provides Vina Olwega with a unique assortment of wines and avoids serious price competition for well-known brands in similar markets.

In addition to the wide range of wines, Vina Olwega's portfolio includes traditional snacks based on local recipes from Slovenia and Moravia. Pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds, dried or fried, salted or sauced with rosemary and garlic, vanilla and coffee, chocolate and spices, perfectly complement the wines and turn the usual evening into a fun Balkan party.

We invite you to get acquainted with our wines, taste them and enjoy them with us.

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