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Podravje Slovenia

Podravje Slovenia  

When you discover Slovenian wines, you discover the soul of Slovenia!

Wine production in Slovenia has almost 2000 years of history. The combination of the mountainous and seaside climate with the local soil enables the production of high quality and excellent taste wines. The process of making Slovenian wine follows the ancestral heritage and the grapes are mostly picked by hand the old-fashioned way. The diversity of varieties and the high quality of wines are two of the keys to the success of Slovenian winemakers.

Slovenia has historically had three major wine producing regions: Podravje in the northeast, Posavje in the south and Primorska on the Adriatic coast in the southwest. Within the country the regions differ in technological peculiarities of grape cultivation, as well as in cultivated varieties. 


Podravje is the biggest among the three Slovenian wine regions, but second only to Primorska in terms of wine production. The region is named after the river Drava, flowing in the east of Slovenia, and can be proud of its slopes, which are among the top 4% of vineyards in the world!

The center of winemaking in the region is the city of Maribor, famous for Europe's oldest 400-year-old vineyard, whose vines are still bearing fruit today. Vines on ideal soil and in ideal climatic conditions have been growing since the times of the Roman Empire. Maribor is the best region for the production of dry Rieslings.

Most white wines of international and autochthonous varieties are also produced here. Due to the cool climate and soil composition, Slovenians produce aromatic white wines with natural acidity and lively flavor. Common grape varieties are Vlassky Ryzlink, Sipon, Reynsky Ryzlink, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Muskat Zluty.

Red wines are represented by Blaufrankish and Pinot Noir.

Sparkling wines are cultivated and produced in the Radhonsko-Kapelski Hills area.

Podravsky wines are characterized by their elegance, lightness, unlike southern wines, are not dense and saturated, floral and fruit flavors are especially pronounced. 

The region is divided into two districts: 

1. Prekmurje. 

2. Stajerska (Štajerska).