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Posavje Slovenia

Posavje Slovenia 
When you discover Slovenian wines, you discover the soul of Slovenia!

Wine production in Slovenia has almost 2000 years of history. The combination of the mountainous and seaside climate with the local soil allows the production of high quality and excellent taste wines. The process of making Slovenian wine follows the ancestral heritage and the grapes are mostly picked by hand the old-fashioned way. The diversity of varieties and the high quality of wines are two of the keys to the success of Slovenian winemakers.
Slovenia has historically had three major wine producing regions: Podravje in the northeast, Posavje in the south and Primorska on the Adriatic coast in the southwest. Within the country, the regions differ both in terms of technological features of grape cultivation, and in the varieties grown. 


Winemaking region Posavje, located in the Southeast, is named after the Sava River.  It is the smallest region among the others in terms of the number of vineyards and the amount of wine produced. It is best known for its red wine production. In addition, Posavje is famous for the Cviček wine, which is made with both red and white grapes (70% of this wine is red grapes, 30% is white) and is the home of pink wine, which is grown only in the Dolenjska wine region (wine with protection of traditional local origin (PTP)). The wine has a fairly low alcohol content, 8-9%, and is considered one of the most popular wines in Slovenia. It is traditionally light and light, astringent in flavor, made fr om a blend of four grape varieties, two red and two white.
 In this and other areas of the Posava region are grown red varieties Žametna črnina, Modra frankinja, Portugieser blau, Sivi pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Laški rizling, Pinot Blanc. The region is famous for its winemaking traditions and peculiarities, such as the small stone or brick houses in the vineyards, "zidanica", wh ere you can even spend the night, or special underground storage facilities, "repnica".
Bela Krajina region in the south of Slovenia produces a unique product from the mixture of different varieties of "metlisku czrnina" - dry wine, consisting of a blend of all varieties of red wine of this wine region.

 The main areas of the winemaking industry are:
1. Posavje - Bizeljsko,   
2. Dolenjska  
Bela Krajina.

The quality of production of local winemakers has been raised to an unprecedentedly high level, the result of their labors every year are the best wines in Central Europe. For example, Edi Simcic's winery exports magnificent Merlot duo reserve. Rich, full-bodied white wines from the Rebula variety are fermented on the skins of the grapes, and their production process is similar to the birth of red wines. The Movia winery in Collio, founded in 1820, today uses a combination of traditional and modern technology with computer programming to observe the phases of the moon. The wines are matured in oak barrels and have a fruity bouquet.